2005 Tokyo Motorshow Pokka Coffee cans

By: Ben Kraal

Aug 28 2006

Category: cars, life etc


A while ago I won these from a competition on Wheels Magazine’s new blog:

They’re four of the seven limited edition Pokka Coffee cans from the 2005 Tokyo Motorshow. The cans themselves are the diameter of redbull cans but they’re shorter. The artwork is quite good. Each car appears hand drawn in pencil and each can has some of the cars specifications like engine capacity, power and torque. There’s are few more photos of each can in detail at my flickr page.

3 comments on “2005 Tokyo Motorshow Pokka Coffee cans”

  1. You lucky bastard.

    I would have thought that Daniel would have liked the BMW Colour-Display blocks more, though?

    Still, very cool.

  2. Daniel would chew them or drag them through the house. These are my toys.

  3. Hi Ben,

    I don’t know what to say about these coffee cans, I have never seen anything like they. Coffee and cars, what a concept.

    Congrads on a successful move to wordpress, I had a wordpress blog a while ago and I am considering another try. I had better luck with triple the traffic I have now at blogger. Well just wanted to drop a line and say hi.

    See Yeah!

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