I’m a Research Fellow at QUT in Brisbane, Australia. I work with the People and Systems Lab on various projects. In the broadest sense, what I do can be described as Design Research.

My background is in what people call “IT” though I have spend most of my time thinking about Human-Computer Interaction, or how people use technology in their work and life. My PhD was about the lived experience of people who use large vocabulary speech recognition systems in the workplace.

My research expertise is in conducting studies of people doing stuff with things (or, if you like things with stuff) and then analysing that situated activity to learn something interesting about people and designed objects. This type of research can take place in a controlled environment but more often takes place in the places where people naturally are.

You can contact me by email at: bjkraal@gmail.com. Obviously, if you email me at that address it is possible that the email will disappear into a spam trap by mistake. If you’re particularly motivated you can look me up in the QUT Staff directory.

I maintain a tumblelog about things that are interesting. I take photos. I tweet. I blog about cars that are (usually) brown. I am an avid hat wearer.


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